Years of experience for being a Tattoo artist gave us a great courage to run a tattoo shop in US. We moved from China to Korea, finally arrived United States. We will give our clients a great experience in our shop. Our artist is specialized in detail work, fine-line, "half-needle" and single-needle work, but we are willing to do other kinds of tattoo with our clients request. 

I been learning tattoo since 2007 in China. Then I opened my first tattoo shop in 2009 with great help of my Mentor and then I travel to Korea to learn more types of tattoo. After years of experience, I eager to learn more and more different style of tattoo, so I decided to come the place that has the most demand of tattoo in this world,  United States. I know the market and people who needs tattoo in US is more than anywhere else in this world, so I have came all the way from China to Korea then Finally arrived at US to help people to get their dream detailed piece.