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About Jing's Tattoo

Years of experience for being a Tattoo artist gave us a great courage to run a tattoo shop in US. We moved from China to Korea, finally arrived United States. We will give our clients a great experience in our shop. Our artist is specialized in detail work, Asian style tattoo, but we are willing to do other kinds of tattoo with our clients request. there are so many cool things about our shop. Come and visit us and you will never get regret.
Artist Bio
I been learning tattoo since 2007 with a famous tattoo artist in China. then I opened my first tattoo shop in 2009 with great help of my teacher and then I travel to Korea to learn more types of tattoo. After years of experience, I eager to learn more and more different style of tattoo, so I decided to come the place that has the most demand of tattoo in this world,  United States. I know the market and people who needs tattoo in US is more than anywhere else in this world, so I have came all the way from China to Korea then Finally arrived at US to help our people who needs and likes tattoo to get their best piece and give an opportunity to people who dream about being tattooist a chance to learn tattoo.

History of Tattoo

Indelible marking of the skin with graphics — images, text, patterns — has been around since prehistoric times. Human remains with such markings, dating back to the Neolithic era, have been discovered, and the practice goes back millennia among the Ainu of Japan, the Berbers of the Sahara and the Maori of New Zealand. Even the Celts, Picts and Teutons of Northern Europe engaged in it, though the arrival of Christianity largely stamped the habit out.

In the 1700s, when European sailors were discovering the South Pacific, they also re-discovered the ancient practice which we now call “tattoo” — from the Samoan word, “tatau.” Of course, for the longest time after that, it was sailors — as well as soldiers and life-long criminals — who got tattoos. No surprise then that tattoos carried a strong correlation with violent death, and until very recently were all but unacceptable in polite society.

That’s all changed now, of course, in this post-Lollapalooza era. Tattooing and its cousin, body piercing, have become cool, fashionable, and finally perfectly ordinary. Tattoo parlours abound not only in big cities but any small town one might pass through. While most such tattoo studios offer largely the same fare — pre-packaged “flash” images of standards like skulls for the boys, butterflies for girls and fake “tribal” patterns for the foolish — there are enough out there that recognize that the skin of a living human being is just another canvas, the needle just a variation on the paintbrush or pen. It’s these tattoo technicians and their collaborators who bring the craft into the realm of art.

We also doing Tattoo Stickers(temporary tattoo) and piercing items available, check "Tattoo Sticker" and "Piercing Item" bar under "Photo Gallery" for the availability. 2016 newest and hottest product.